Neighborhood Resources

Angels Crossing Condominium Association Board Members

Matt Shankle, President
Pat Reeves, Vice President
Steve Goss, Treasurer
Carol Stewart, Secretary
Paul Stewart, Operations Manager

The ACCA Review Committee Members

Paul Stewart
Matt Shankle
Pat Reeves
Steve Goss
Carol Stewart
The ACCA Review Committee reviews plans for new building and/or lot improvements within the listed guidelines.

 The ACCA Landscape Committee

Caroline Cady
Mark Maki
Pat Reeves
The ACCA Landscape Committee guides improvements to the common areas.

The ACCA Facebook Group and Social Committee

Matt Shankle
Diane Anderson
Carol Stewart
The ACCA Facebook group and Social Committee encourage sharing of community or neighborhood events.

Association Meetings

There are two Association meetings for all Co-owners regularly scheduled during the year. The Annual Meeting is held the third Wednesday of April, and a Fall Meeting is held the third Wednesday of October. Other Special Meetings may be called as required.



      Current Financial Statements or Budgets may be obtained by contacting a member of the board.



      Mailbox purchasing and replacements can be done through Vicksburg Hardware, 112 Main Street. Their standard model in black follows the guidelines to keep the original intent of neighborhood uniformity.



      Garbage Service

      The neighborhood waste and recycling service is Best Way Disposal. Our trash pick up day is Thursday. Recycling and other services are also available. Their number is 800-950-5519.

      Best Way Disposal
      2314 Miller Road
      Kalamazoo, MI 49001

      Mowing Services:

      Residents are free to use any mowing service.

      Weekly lawn maintenance to our common areas is being provided through Focus Lawn and Landscape. Their number is 269-388-5000.


      To provide for the maximum enjoyment of all residents, the Association maintains certain Restrictions. These are covered in the Master Deed, and a copy can be requested through the Contact Us page.

        Wi-Fi Services

        -ATT&T ran the original wire used in the development.  This service is best for web surfing, email, and social media use.

        -TV providers, such as Dish Network or Direct TV, offer packages that include Internet with a TV service.

        -Digital Example LLC is a local service, provided by a local business that has a contract to distribute Comcast via radio transmitters.  Speeds are sufficient to stream content to multiple devices at once.  Most homes are able to receive the signal.  The number to call is 382-3334.